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August Box:


 The box contains:

rareEssence Aromatherapy Spa Candle - Awaken 7.5 oz - 40 hr. burn. Create a revitalizing Spa experience anywhere! Home Office, Family Room, or in your Bathroom. 

SunLeaf Shampoo and Body Soap - OrangeGinger 5oz.  Lathers into a rich, moisturizing shampoo and body soap — Hand-crafted exclusively from pure plant-derived ingredients and essential oil scents. It is biodegradable and free of synthetics, preservatives and petrochemicals. for healthy, fresh shining hair.   

SunLeaf Plant Scent Soothing Body Oil - Uplifting & Refreshing 4oz. A light daily moisturizer to use after a shower or massage into your skin anytime. 

SunLeaf Plant Scent Aromatherapy Perfume Roll-on - Rejuvenating & Balancing 9ml. Perfect to take with you anywhere. Apply to your pressure points as much as you like for a little boost in your day. I apply it before my workout, so as I sweat, I get a power boost of aroma! 

SunLeaf Cedar Soap Raft.  Keep your soap high and dry between uses with a handcrafted wooden soap raft made from recycled cedar. Smells amazing in your shower! 


September Box


 The box contains:

Sage Spirit Smudge Stick - Sage/Lavender. Purify and cleanse the energy of your home. The wave of smoke will remove all negative energy from your home, your car, or any used item you have purchased. 

PLANTLIFE Aromatherapy Body Mist - Lavender. Every spray will calm and soothe your spirit. Use as often as needed.  

rareESSENCE Candle - Meditation. No need to meditate, however, you can just close your eyes and breathe deep for bit. 

rareESSENCE Aromatherapy Room Mist - Dream. It is time for a great night sleep. Spray Dream Room Mist on your pillow and sheets. 

rareESSENCE Inhaler - Sleep. A natural alternative for restful sleep. Inhale deep and let the essential oils gently soothe you into a restful sleep. 


October Box


A special box with highly functional products from Sweet Willow Spirit Therapies  to help you get through the cold and flu season.  

Antiseptic Aromatherapy Room Spray. Kills all the germs in the air that cause odor and illness. Is someone sick in the house? Spray in common areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, and door handles to prevent the spread of the airborne germs. Can also be used to eliminate cooking odors, clean counter tops, and stinky pet odors. 

Immune Support Inhaler. Use it before going into a crowd of people. Great for travel, work, school, and shopping malls. The inhaler has a TON of immune boosting essential oils to keep sickness at bay. 

Tranquil Peace Bath Salts. For when you feel the need to build your immune system and/or you feel scattered and out of control. The salts are designed as an immuno-stimulant to activate your white blood cells and help you de-stress - ground your spirit. Both are very important to maintain your health.  

Breathe Easy Stick - 100% Natural Vapor Rub. Use if you or a loved one has congestion, allergies, or your nose is sore and raw. Just rub on your chest and under your nose to help you breathe easy and heal your skin. The smell is not strong, so you won't smell sick.  

Healing Lip Balm. Nourish and heal your lips. The balm is specially developed to reduce inflammation, build your immune system, and aide in digestion. 


 November Box 



The box contains:

The November Holiday Box is designed to help make your home a special place to celebrate the Holiday Season with your family and friends. So everyone can Breathe Deep & Feel Joy. 

rareEssence Vanilla Peppermint Holiday Candle. The alluring aroma of vanilla peppermint makes this candle perfect for your kitchen counter. It will create an inviting, festive mood to keep your family in the kitchen with you, while you bake. 

SunLeaf Bayberry Balsam Room Spray. Spray in your family room and next to the Christmas tree for a burst of outdoor evergreen aroma. Certain to create the feel of Holiday excitement. 

Lavessence Culinary Lavender. Be ahead of the trend this year and bake or drink your Lavender. Make Lavender cookies for your cookie exchange or create a fun Lavender martini for your holiday party. Recipes included.  

rareEssence Clarity Spa Diffuser. The refreshing clear aroma of eucalyptus & sage will be perfect for the guest bathroom or bedroom.   

Live Pure Cinnamon Orange Soap Bar. Perfect for your guest bathroom. The hand-made bar not only moisturizes the skin, but its aroma will uplift your guests spirits. 


 December Box 

Aroma Diffuser Box

SweetWillowSpirit Aromatherapy bracelet. Enhance your inner spirit. Apply the essential oil blends to your bracelet and let the healing properties of the oils and stones take you to where you need to be. The lava stones are known for their grounding qualities, wonderful for calming emotions because of a strong connection to the earth. The howlite stones are used to release attachments linking to old emotional pain. They will decrease an overly critical state of mind, stress, and anxiety, to bring clam, and relaxation. A very powerful piece of jewelry. 

Aromafier Classic Difffuser. I have used a lot of diffusers and this one is my favorite! It is so compact, yet so powerful. You can take it anywhere, bring it to your bedroom at night, your bathroom in the morning and your office during the day. Adjust mood accordingly. 

PlantLife Uplift Essential Oil Blend. Feeling down or negative? Inspire a positive perspective with this synergistic blend known for mood elevating properties. 

PlantLife Inspire Essential Oil Blend. It will calm the mind and promote inspiration, creativity & enhance inner awareness. Take the time to relax and rejuvenate. 

SweetWillowSpirit Peace on Earth essential oil blend. Life's trial and hardships can often steal our peace and cause stress in our body. Find your center to help enhance mindfulness and stability. Created to help deepen your roots and reconnect with the earth's energy.