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Do you love Essential Oils but just aren't sure where or what to buy?  We hear this all the time so we started our Essential Oils Club.  It's super easy and fun, here's how it works

Smell Something, Amazing.

Here's how it works

1- We will send you a Spa Room Aromafier Personal Diffuser to get you started, 

 A silent fan broadcasts the fragrance of your favorite essential oils while the classic color options of the Aromafier┬« are sure to stand the test of time. This palm-sized fan diffuser is one of the most popular units in our line. Its size and portability coupled with its unexpected power make it the perfect aromatherapy companion wherever and whenever you need it. Operates using the included USB cord or 2 AA batteries. 

2-For the first month we will send you two bottles of PlantLife Essential Oil Blends. Inspire & Uplift

Calm the mind and create an aromatic sanctuary with this blend of pure essential oils. Promote inspiration, creativity & enhance inner awareness. Take the time to relax and rejuvenate. 

3- Every Month we'll send you two new amazing Essential Oils from the worlds leading aromatherapy companies.

Breathe Deeply & Relax 

Spa Room Diffuser included on 3 Month or longer subscription. Free Shipping on all orders. Cancel anytime, Keep your diffuser!