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It has always been about the the sense of


Orange Peel Box is a perfect subscription box for me because it is all about Smell, Essential Oils, and Gifts in the Mail.

I hope it is perfect for you too.  



Ever since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed by the sense of smell. I love how it can take you right back to any memory from your past. My life has been spent cultivating that skill. The smell of fresh tar on a spring morning, instantly takes me back to walking to school in 6th grade. The smell of Youth Dew from Estee Lauder brings me to my grandmother's hugs. The smell of Obsession from Calvin Klein and I am on my first date in 10th grade. I love it! I have spent hours at the department store perfume counter picking out the perfect scent just for me. My obsession didn't stop at the perfume counter, I also would spend hours smelling each shampoo, deodorant and scented candle to find the perfect scent for my mood of the moment.

Premium Organic Essential Oils.

A couple of years ago, I started learning about and implementing a holistic lifestyle. I was having health issues, along with my son, so I dramatically changed my family's diet and it had a profound effect. This opened my eyes to all the toxins being absorbed by my body, not only from my diet, but also from my environment. I wanted to purify my environment. This is when I found essential oils. It changed my world. Now, all of the scented candles, plug ins, and shampoos that I loved, smell artificial, flat, overpowering, and frankly toxic. I even find my expensive perfume is overpowering and has a harsh chemical smell. Whereas, with the essential oils, it is a gentle, delicate fragrance that makes me feel good when I breathe in deeply. I have completely switched over to only essential oil aromatherapy products for my home and body. Now, only essential oil candles and diffusers are used in every room. I personally love having a different aroma in each room - serenity in the bedroom, refreshing in the bathroom, uplifting in the family room. For my body, I only use essential oil perfumes, oils, soaps, and deodorant. I love that I can use my aromatherapy perfume multiple times during the day when I need a little pick-me-up and it never becomes overpowering. As I explore the holistic use of essential oils for health remedies, I'm finding great success in addressing allergies, headaches, nausea, and muscle pains.  

Gifts in the Mail.

I have always LOVED getting gifts in the mail. I have become almost 100% online shopper, JUST TO GET A PACKAGE IN THE MAIL. Whether it is a box of groceries, a box of clothes, or a box of aromatherapy products, I always behave the same. When my delivery notice pops up, I rush home with excitement, RIP open the box, then slowly review each item with joy.  It never gets old. 

I want the same joy and excitement for you. I will search and explore all new aromatherapy products and carefully put together a special box each month that you can anticipate, grab with excitement, and fill up with joy as you explore each of the new products.

Breathe deep and enjoy.  

Nicolie Hendrickson

Founder of Orange Peel Box